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Capitalize On Global Market Trends  
And Earn Full-Time Income Working
Part-Time Hours From Home

Earn Passive Income and/or Be Proactive
you get to choose

Did You Miss The Dot Com And Real Estate
Booms? Learn what you need to do to
capitalize on the hottest new trends.

How Do WE Create Wealth?

The key to creating wealth is not hard work
or a good education. There are plenty of
hardworking, well-educated broke people
out in the marketplace.

GROWTH is what creates WEALTH!

If you can position yourself in front of a
growth industry, in a growth environment,
in a growth company--that growth can
multiply and magnify your income.

Whether you are looking for full or part
time income but can only work spare or
part-time hours, then the good news is
we have a few vetted options to share
with you.

We've researched over 10,000 work-
from-home companies.
 And we've
gone ahead and joined over 200 but
only recommend 12 at this time.

You can keep your job or continue
your job search while you earn from
the comfort of your home! Why not
have a backup source of income in
case you later get laid off or lose
interest in no longer playing the
rat race game anymore.  

Most of these firms don't charge a
fee. If you want to make passive
income, then you can start with as
little as $250 and create a flow of
monthly mailbox money

Chances are, at least one of these
hand-picked companies is a
good fit for you.

Don't have the time or inclination
to start a new business? We have a
solution for you! You can be passive
and piggy-back on our team's talent,
effort and expertise.

What are you passionate about?

But a more important question we
need to ask ourselves is:
What is my life purpose?

A life without purpose is like a ship at
sea with no set course. The vessel is
doomed to be tossed here and there
with no hope of reaching a destination
because it has none to aim for.

That ship can indeed reach a number
of ports of call but only if it has a good
plan and well-designed system.

Configuring several streams of residual
income is no different. 

No matter what your level of experience
is in the business world, if you have a Well-
Designed SYSTEM--you can take on
projects which in the past seemed
like too much, IF the plan is sound.

Do you think Richard Branson (of the
Virgin brand), with 400 businesses
under his belt, has a system? I would
think he does. Guess what? So do we! 

Delegating is also key. We can't scale
without the help of others who are
smarter and stronger in the areas
we're not. We're only human, and
there's just so much each one of
us can do on our own.

On the subject of diversification, the Book
of books offers us the wisest advice. In
Ecclesiastes 11:2, we read "Invest in seven
ventures, yes, in eight; for you do not
know what risks might lie ahead."

No matter how good an idea/project may
sound, there is ALWAYS a level of risk

Home-based business opportunities are
most certainly NOT immune to risk. But
do not be mistaken, if you know what
to look for
, you can considerably
reduce your level of risk

For nearly three decades we have
researched 10,000+ companies. All
this experience has taught us what
to look for. 

When doing our own due diligence on
a venture, we're not lax when it comes
to our principles. We cannot let profits
be the sole driving force behind our
business decisions. 

For the longest, my character-guiding
mantra is steadfastly: 
'Principles Before Profits'.

The year 2016 is here and we see our
business skyrocketing way beyond
where we've been in the past.

By the Lord's grace and mercy, we
will have the tools, systems, funding,
and connections to help catapult
many a dream
into reality.

Make sure you get yourself plugged
into our calls, webinars and in-person
get togethers. 

A Word About My Purpose

We believe the hand of God is at work
opening doors and bringing the people,
ideas and resources together to create
a wonderful association of individuals
working towards the greater good

This writer's dream is to someday start
a humanitarian outreach center in the
Dominican Republic. The oasis will be
a home for orphans, widows, a school
and spiritual renewal.

Lord willing, this project will break
ground in the not too distant future.
We will have advanced green tech
showcased and in use to provide
for infrastructure and needed

Hope you can join us so we can
lock arms and work together to
create life-changing solutions

Our aim is to build relationships on
honestyintegrity, loyalty and trust.

Luigi Quest  
Tel: 1-929-244-0404 Voice/SMS

LIVE Sharing Webinar/Conference Calls:
Every MondayWednesday & Friday at
7:30pm EST / 6:30pm CST /
5:30pm MST / 4:30pm PST

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Or Dial: (712) 432-1212
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NOTE: The Sharing website is for
information ONLY. Please do not
use the links on that site to join
any of the companies listed.

I'll send you the correct links to
use so you end up in the right
spot on my team. Thanks! 

Once you're on board with us
you'll want to plug into our
weekly update calls -- date
and time will be provided.